Corporate philosophy


Following the development goal of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC) to become the first-class astronautic enterprise in the world, Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources (SISP) will always be grasping the strategic opportunity of national defense-used energy and space flight business and accelerate its market reform to become one of the best power source enterprises in the world.


Characteristic philosophy: Serve the motherland with success; Promote development with innovation; Build reputation on the basis of quality; Reward the staff with benefits; Achieve the prosperity of future guaranteed with talents.

Serve the motherland with success: Maintain national security; Promote worldwide peace; Promote China’s space technology to the level of the advanced countries.

Promote development with innovation: Achieve great success in the key space technology of frontier areas; Try to apply the space technology into the energy conservation and environmental protection of people’s livelihood.

Build reputation on the basis of quality: Ensure 100% customer satisfactory; Keep in mind that the quality determines the life of an enterprise, good quality is the best policy and good quality ensures the efficiency of an enterprise.

Reward the staff with benefits: Create the harmonious healthy upward cultural environment to make all the staffs enjoy the fruit brought by the development of enterprise.

Achieve the prosperity of future guaranteed with talents: Gather and train the employee to realize the mutual development between talents and enterprises.


Social responsibility: Enrich the country, strengthen the army and gather social strength.

Serve the national defense with advanced technology; Serve the society with good quality products; Condense power with outstanding culture.



Characteristics of practice

I. Technical innovation guides the advancement of the space power industry


As the core national defense technology entity under military protection, SISP is mainly engaged in the space power source, insisting on the continuous technical innovation with sensitive vision on the frontier technology. SISP believes that the technical innovation is the original driven power of development. It is dedicated to the research and development of core space power technology to realize the strategic leap forward from a technical follower to a technical leader. All this time, it has been keeping in cooperation with nearly 20 famous colleges and 10 scientific research institutions on more than 70 technical projects. It is also actively involved in the international communications to ensure China’s level of space technology synchronize with the international level. Currently, SISP undertakes nearly 100 national projects, involving National Defense 973, Plan 863 Military, State 863, and so on. All the technical innovations have driven the rapid development of SISP all along.


II. Continuous optimization of talent team


Talents are the guarantee for the prosperity of enterprise. SISP has absorbed more than 1000 talents from all sides of society. The staff below 35 years old reaches 80% above. There are 6 state-level experts,12 specialists enjoying the special allowance of State Council, 2 academicians, and 8 provincial experts. In addition, it owns 13 deputy engineers, 50 chief and deputy designers, 20 doctoral advisors and master's supervisor, and more than 50 doctors and 300 masters. They constitute SISP’s well-organized high level expert R&D team. SISP provides a vast platform to make staff’s talents into full play, by sharing the developing achievement , co-existing and growing together with the staff. The spirit of staff is lifted through abundant training, sports and cultural activities. Meanwhile, the staff’s confidence and sense of achievement are also enhanced to accelerate the development of SISP.


III. Promote the capacity building continuously

SISP always keeps exploring ways of establishing more scientific management system, optimizing the pattern of horizontal staff management and longitudinal project management, and deepening the multiple management control modes, e.g. the system of Military Products Department and the system of Civil Products Department. It sticks to the combination of scientific research and production, the combination of system integration and single machine research, and the combination of military products and civil products. Currently, SISP has built 6 military level production lines, i.e. silicon solar cell, Cd-Ni battery, MH-Ni battery, space lithium-ion battery, water-activated battery and thermal battery. The production lines have passed the Class I Confidentiality Certification of National Defense Weapons and Equipment Research and Production, and GJB9001B-2009 Quality Management System Certification. After 20 years’ construction, the area of SISP has been expanded from 7.5 Mu to 23 Mu and then to 137.1 Mu in Dongchuan Park, Minhang District, Shanghai. In October 2013, it started the construction of Scientific Research Building Phase II, with the whole building area of 56 thousand m2. Phase II Project will help to improve the general design of power system of SISP, and raise the level of professional simulation, on-track management and comprehensive test to meet the growing demands of models in the future 10-20 years. It lays a solid foundation for SISP to be the worldwide well known space power-source enterprise.


IV. Corporate culture shows its charm

With many years’ development, SISP has developed profound cultural relics, based in which it kept promoting distinctive cultural construction. To enhance cultural identification, the company continuously held the company culture training class so that all the staff has built a unified identification on corporate vision, corporate mission and core value. It constructed the propagation platform and carried out abundant activities, e.g. running “Space Power Paper” and website, improving “Staff Manual”, carrying out cultural display board, taking part in the cultural activities organized by supervising authorities, and so on. It has established perfect system to enhance the operating guarantee and promote the management upgrading. It has improved the human resources management to regulate the staff’s behaviors to ensure the safety of human resources, materials and properties. All the excellent corporate culture has been accumulated in SISP to form strong group cohesion.

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