(1) Shanghai Solar Energy Research Center



Shanghai Solar Research Center (SSRC) is a municipal engineering research center, which was founded in 2005 with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Science and Technology Association. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, consultation and application of solar energy. This center is a platform of industry-university-research cooperation and also a professional consultation and evaluation agency of solar energy technology in Shanghai.


SSRC relies on the advanced space photovoltaic technology of Shanghai Space Administration and Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources. The advantageous design, research and production experiences are applied in the research and development of civil-used photovoltaic technology. The center focuses on the research of the key photovoltaic technology. It is also engaged in industrialization of scientific fruits and research and development of production equipment and detector.


The center’s office building is built on the basis of “National 863 project”, as the first megawatt building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) in China. The project’s installed capacity is 1.012 megawatt. The annual generated electricity is 1 million kwh, with the annual CO2 emission reduced to 920 tons. In addition, the center is one of the important links of Shanghai’s space photovoltaic industrial chain. It undertakes the research and development of a majority of technologies and equipment in the industrial chain. The center trains the talents in the photovoltaic area for Shanghai’s space industry. It actively responds the strategy of space technology transferred into civil use. Till now, the center has been awarded over 20 patents and issued 30 papers.


The business of the center includes the construction of photovoltaic system project, photovoltaic detection technology service, research and sales of photovoltaic detection equipment, R&D of specific module and photovoltaic materials. The center has successfully developed the special solar photovoltaic modules (e.g. photovoltaic shading, photovoltaic glass curtain wall, double-sided photovoltaic glass module, etc.), high efficiency flexible thin-film solar cell, high efficiency concentrator solar cell, single/dual shaft concentrator solar cell, EL and PL detection equipment (mono type, online type and outdoor portable type), heat spot detection equipment, hail detection equipment, mechanical load equipment, high/low temperature alteration tester, and so on. All of these self-developed products have already owned large occupancy and influence in the market because of its excellent performance. 


In 2008, SSRC undertook the construction of the megawatt photovoltaic integration building for 2010 Shanghai Expo. As one of the permanent buildings of Shanghai Expo, the Expo Center widely applies the environmental friendly energy, materials, and technologies, such as solar energy, LED illumination, ice-storage system, and natural lighting. It is considered as the smartest architecture in Shanghai Expo. The project that best embodies the feature of “green energy conservative and environmental friendly” in Expo Center is the megawatt photovoltaic power station, with the total installed capacity of 1.004 megawatt. The annual generated power reaches 1 million megawatt and the annual CO2 emission is reduced to 910 tons. Solar technology which is fully applied in the Expo Center echoes with the theme of Shanghai Expo, meanwhile it is also the best embodiment of the application of national scientific achievements.

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(2) Shanghai Power & Energy Storage Battery System Engineering Tech. Co. Ltd. 


Shanghai Power & Energy Storage Battery System Engineering Tech. Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013. It is engaged in the industrialization of space technology in Shanghai. It devotes itself on the research and development, transformation, and application of power and storage battery system. The company provides the best solution in the area of new energy application technology. Its major business covers energy storage system and energy storage micro-grid project (EPC), customized power products, battery and material test. The cooperative clients include Dongfang Electric, China Southern Power Grid, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Beijing Research Institute of Precise Mechatronic Controls, etc. The company has successfully completed many design and production tasks of photovoltaic & energy storage products and undertaken the integrated projects. The customized power products have been applied in medical care, communication, aviation, internet of things, and engineering van, etc.

Address: Building 3, Ziyue Road No. 880, Minhang District, Shanghai
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