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Full-spectrum smart goggles
Full-spectrum smart goggles (for military use) can adjust the brightness and darkness (transmittance) of the lens according to the intensity of the light, so as to avoid the damage caused to the eye by the fire flash. Avoid s...
Triple-junction GaAs Solar Cell
Have features of high efficiency, high reliability, high temperature resistant and high strong anti-radiation capacity. Widely used in LEO, MEO and GEO satellites with excellent on-orbit operation data.
Li-ion battery for satellite
High specific energy and long lifetime. Have gained the national invention patent award and many other awards. Have been successfully applied to SZ-7B, SJ series, CE and other dozens of spacecrafts.
Li-ion battery for aircraft
Suitable for UAV power, with high specific energy, good performance at high discharge rate, good capability at low temperature, and wide range of working temperature. Have completed multiple missions.
Fuel cell
Based on the core technology of thin metal bipolar plate. Have advantage of high specific power, long operation life, good environmental adaptability. Suitable for portable power, telecom, automobiles, etc.
Power control equipment for satellite
SISP has broken through the key technology of space MPPT technology, aiming at enhancing the output capacity of solar arrays, improving the utilization of solar cells and solving the insufficient utilization of array power.
Power control equipment for Nano satellite
SISP provide power control equipment for nano satellites, also can be customized.
Battery healthy management technology services
Using battery performance degradation model and life prediction model to form high precision online non-destructive diagnosis method and management strategy, achieve the healthy management of battery and system. Already provi...
Thermal / force simulation technology services
Combine the product engineering with structure, electricity and heat integration design, and based on the convenience and flexibility of computer system, take simulation design through a variety of software, repeat iteration ...
Ni-Cd battery for satellite
Possess advanced technology and rich flight experience. Have been applied to FY series, ZY series, SJ series, YG series, SZ series, Sweden ODIN satellite, Sweden FREJA satellite and other spacecrafts.
Ni-Cd battery for aircraft
Have the characteristics of high specific power, low internal resistance, long lifetime, high mechanical strength and wide range of working temperature. Mainly applicable to aircraft emergency starting and standby power.

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