Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources (SISP) is developed from Shanghai Changning Storage Battery Factory which was founded on December 31, 1960 and based on the combination of No. 6 Workshop of Shanghai Battery Factory and the New Product Test Workshop of Shanghai Storage Battery Factory (Zn-Ag battery workshop). The factory was mainly engaged in the research and development of lead fluorosilicic acid storage battery and high-powered Zn-Ag battery. To support inland construction, most part of this company migrated to Zunyi, Guizhou in February 1966, engaging in the production of Zn-Ag battery. From the end of 1967, the company developed the physical power-source products and automation control electronic products while keeping the electrochemical power source technology development. The company was renamed as Shanghai Xinyu Power Products Factory (Changning Road No. 350) in June 1979.


In November 1990, the Ministry of Aviation issued a document approving the establishment of SISP based on Shanghai Xinyu Power Products Factory.
In May 1996, SISP and Shanghai Xinyu Power Factory were divided thoroughly according to their space power  businesses and operated by themselves respectively. SISP was moved to Cangwu Road No. 388, Xuhui District.


In accordance with the requirements of Shanghai Space Administration on the adjustment of the organizational structure of scientific research and production, the Manned Space Flight Power Research Laboratory from another institute was incorporated into SISP in January 2007 to strengthen its research level of space power sub-system.


To improve the research and production level of space power products, SISP was moved to Dongchuan Park of Minhang District in July 2010. The park covers an area of 137 Mu with the architectural area of 53 thousand m2.


In December 2012, Dongchuan Park Phase II Construction Project was officially initiated. The scientific research building in the park covers 3358 m2 with an architectural area of 54.5 thousand m2. It is designed with 23 floors (21 floors above, 2 underground), about 100m in height. The total investment is 410 million Yuan. The foundation-stone laying ceremony was started on December 26, 2013. 

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