Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources (SISP) is a professional research institute of space power-sources subordinate to Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST) under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It is the Chinas space power-sources systems with core capabilities of space industries. Its main products involve physical power-sources, electrochemical power-sources, power control equipment, etc. The products have been widely applied in the fields of manned spaceflight, moon exploration project, satellites, rockets, aircrafts, naval ships, etc.

SISP has made its full efforts in promoting the construction of state and province-level technical innovation platforms, and its State key laboratory of Space Power technology constructed under the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology has become the first one in the field of space power-sources in China. It owns three province-level research and development platforms, respectively being Shanghai Solar Energy Research Center, Shanghai Power and Energy Storage Battery System Engineering Technology Research Center and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Photovoltaic Materials and Devices Manufacturing Technology Center.

SISP is capable to research, manufacture, produce and supply subsystems to all power-sources applicable for land, sea, air and outer space. It is the leader of domestic market share and has supplied highly-reliable power products and system solutions to many countries.




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