Congratulations on the successful launch of the Hyperspectral observation satellite by the Long March-4 proyao 40 carrier rocket

Source: Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources|    Date:2021-9-7

The Long March-4 Proyao 40 carrier rocket blasted off from taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 11:01 a.m. on September 7, 2021, successfully putting the hyperspectral observation satellite into the preset orbit. The launch mission was a complete success. The satellite and arrow power system were developed by Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources Supply.

The launch marks the 79th launch of the Long March-4B series of carrier rockets and the 10th this year.

The long March 4C carrier rocket for this mission is a three-stage liquid carrier rocket with excellent performance and a wide range of uses. It is capable of launching various types of satellites in different orbits. It can launch single or multiple satellites with one rocket, and its solar synchronous circular orbit carrying capacity can reach 3 tons (an orbital altitude of 700 kilometers).

After the launch of hyperspectral satellites are put into use for inland water bodies, epicontinental ecological environment, altered minerals and crops, forest vegetation features such as the goal, as well as atmospheric pollution, greenhouse gas, PM2.5 environment and meteorological elements such as global, long-term, quantitative and comprehensive observation, effectively improve the hyperspectral observation ability,The localization rate of hyperspectral observation data has been increased to more than 70%.

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