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Triple-junction GaAs Solar Cell
Have features of high efficiency, high reliability, high temperature resistant and high strong anti-radiation capacity. Widely used in LEO, MEO and GEO satellites with excellent on-orbit operation data.
GaAs Solar Cell Panels for Nano Satellites
SISP provide 1U-6U cubesat standardized GaAs Solar Cell Panels, also can be customized, optional accessories: sun sensor, temperature sensor, magnetic rod, MEMS compass.
Full-spectrum smart goggles
Full-spectrum smart goggles (for military use) can adjust the brightness and darkness (transmittance) of the lens according to the intensity of the light, so as to avoid the damage caused to the eye by the fire flash. Avoid sunlight exposure to the whole climate environment such as high altitude, high latitude, sea surface and jungle. At the same t...

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